To The Sky Single  (from The Vernons Volume II EP)

The Vernons Volume II EP  (Volume I EP still available at iTunes and other online outlets)



You have questions?  We have answers

Q: Who are The Vernons?
A: We are The Vernons.   

Q: Of course you are.  But, seriously, who does what?
A: OK, the band is Jonny Nyst on lead vocals and some guitar; James Nikiforides on lead guitar and backing vocals; Hugh Tait on bass and backing vocals; and Elliot Gooch on drums and backing vocals.

Q: And where are you guys from?
A: We’re all Australians and we all live along the coast between Brisbane and Byron Bay.

Q: How did you guys meet and how did the band come about?
A: Funnily, it all came together through gap year travel.  Jonny had already known James, having attended the same high school.  James and Elliot met while living in England during their gap year and discovered that they lived within an hour of each other back in Queensland; and when they returned to Australia they pulled together a band with their friend Andrew.  Soon afterward, Jonny and Hugh took their gap year breaks and they met while in Spain and were similarly surprised to find their homes weren’t far apart.  When Jonny got back to Australia, James and Elliot asked him to join their band, and as Andrew had decided to move on, Jonny pulled Hugh in to complete the line-up.

Q: You’ve been performing along Australia’s east coast since 2012 – any plans to go further afield?

A: The band started playing live almost as soon as it formed and after establishing a following around Queensland, we headed out to Sydney and Melbourne.  We just returned from one of those trips and this one confirmed for us that we really want to build on what we have there and in Queensland.  We’re eager to take the show to a wider audience and our management team is working on some plans, but we know we’ve got a lot of people we’d like to play for around Australia before we go globe-trotting. 

Q: Have you been asked to fill support slots with other artists? 
A: There’ve been a number of support gigs (Wolfmother, the Rubens and Wolf & Cub, among others) and we played the Big Day Out Festival last year, the one where Red Hot Chilli Peppers and The Killers headlined.

Q: How was that?
A: We enjoyed it so much.  The crowd was really into what we were doing and the reviewers were very supportive.

Q: What about recordings?
A: There are two EPs, predictably titled Volume I and Volume II, both of which garnered positive reviews and had a good run on iTunes.  Our new single, I Want Her Back At Home (from Volume II), is just beginning to get some attention and there's an accompanying video available to stream.  We've been writing new material and we'll be in the studio during the next couple of weeks laying down tracks for a new project.